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New single - Walkaway

Benton Luke - Walkaway new single released on October 15, 2021.

Benton Luke - Walkaway new music video released on October 22, 2021.

“This song put me in a good mood already from the first notes.  Sincere and Pure!” - Edgar Allan Poets Block, October 27, 2021.

“The song 'Walkaway' has a unique style that shows true country rock in all its transparency and energy. “ - Indie Dock Music Blog, October 19, 2021.

“It is an energy-packed single heavy on the drumbeat and distorted electric strings….  the music keeps it high energy and hopeful.” - Sinusoidal Music Blog, October 20, 2021.

Walkaway is the first single release after the band’s 2020 debut album Angels and Cowboys. Walkaway came about as Benton was struggling in a work situation becoming frustrated and going through emotions of reacting to the situation and how best to handle.   That piled on top of observing increased raging antagonism in our society inspired the basic premise of the song. Conceptually similar to The Gambler and Take this Job and Shove It in attitude... but sometimes the situation calls for just walking away. Starting as a simple acoustic strumming song, Benton and Scott developed the song over a couple of months, between sessions in the Ford Transit and home studios, ultimately transforming to a driving rock beat in the verses shifting to reggae feel in chorus.  The companion music video acts out a portion of the lyrics in an exaggerated, fun and lighthearted way.


Benton Luke Band is an American roots rock band based out of southern California. Angels and Cowboys is Benton Luke Band’s debut album released in 2020. Although some of the content originates from many years back, the album was produced and released predominately during the pandemic. Benton and Scott have pulled together some exceptional new creations along with distinctive renditions of favorite classics.

Releasing the first album, fulfilling something of a lifelong dream, almost didn’t happen. Actually, there were two releases. It’s a long story, but the first attempt had to be “un-released” as a result of some potential conflicts of interest. So Benton re-released the album, just one track shorter than originally planned, and the timing of the pandemic likely facilitated the perseverance to follow-through with a second release. The band comes off in an amalgam of styles more towards genre-collecting than genre-bending but definitely with a straight forward vintage feel. Benton said, “This is all about putting out music that we enjoy and I believe others will like it too.

Benton and Scott have been working together for ages. Whether it be music, film, photography, building guitars or the latest mod to the van, great things happen when these two work as a team. With roots in Texas and North Carolina, their paths crossed when transplanted to Southern California. They have been creating music together for nearly 20 years while playing in diverse settings, styles as well as with other collaborators. In earlier days it was all about the live show, clubs, coffee shops, dive bars and backyards while also playing some of the more famous SoCal venues. Three-to-four variants of “bands” were going for a while which included participation by some notable artists – and an ability to instantly cover almost any request. This ultimately resulted in a chemistry blending unique nostalgic styles. Recently Benton and Scott have come together as the Benton Luke Band and have set out on a path to do even more.

Benton grew up mostly in the Houston area. His Dad inspired him to first pick up guitar as a pre-teen. He continued to be driven by family and friends. Early band-mates encouraged Benton to use songwriting and acting as creative outlets. He later spent several years in Nashville focusing on performing and songwriting craft. It’s likely you’ve seen Benton in a supporting role in TV or film as that’s what first brought him to California. He has subsidized his creative passions using his skills in the plumbing arts which, believe it or not, is possibly the best professions there is to run across music and film stars willing to sit in with the band.

Scott’s musicality draws on his upbringing in the swamps of Eastern North Carolina but made the leap to California in pursuit of an engineering career. A formally trained and accomplished trombone player, Scott spent his youth singing in the church choir. He is self taught in a wide variety of instruments and styles. He maintains a passion for creating / producing music and raising a family. He contributes to Benton Luke Band as a musician and composer but is best described as the all-in producer.

The band has continued to create in these constrained times. There are a number of forthcoming singles and music videos in the works, and live shows expectedly returning in the not too distant future.